Willows Creek Founders

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Mary's Work

Mary Anne Johnson, co-owner of Willow Creek Salon, started her career in the salon industry in 1982 working for the Macy’s company salon. While working there she trained with Adrien Arpel, a legend in the cosmetics industry. Mary Anne continued training with several leading beauty companies such as: CLS Academy, Matrix Co., Irvine Rusk, the Alfa Parf team in Milan, Italy and Redkin Fifth Avenue in New York City. In no time Mary Anne’s career as a stylist took off.  After Macy’s she joined a well-established salon in Sylvania Ohio, and continued training in New York City, Detroit, and Chicago. As her career matured Mary Anne used her artistic background in fine art to advance her skills in styling

In 1985 only three years after starting her career, Mary Anne decided to open her first salon. In 1990-91 she built the 6407 Monroe Street building where the first Willow Creek Salon was established. Mary Anne continued running the salon and raising her two daughters as a single mother. In 2003 she chose to sell the salon and went back to pursue her studies in fine art.  She made four trips to Italy for her fine arts education, while helping both her daughters through college, and continuing her education in the styling world.

Mary Anne’s personal life is her family, faith, traveling and art. 

Mary offers the highest level of cutting, styling, color, and make up artistry to her clients. With 30+ years in the industry she still finds her work as enjoyable as ever. Mary’s goal, in addition to styling great hair, was to create an environment that emulates a retreat atmosphere of peace and serenity and extreme artistry, which is an essential part of the beauty package. It is important to her to have a positive and uplifting atmosphere for all of Willow Creek clients as well as a growth oriented space for the stylists and employees.  With her immense experience, Mary continues to train the next generation of stylists and professionals in this industry.  



Jessy's Work

Jessy Barnwell, co-owner of Willow Creek Salon, brings both extraordinary talent and great personality to the salon setting. She grew up in various parts of the United States from Alaska to New York, absorbing the regional cultures and styles. She always had an interest in the art of hair and beauty, but it took her mother's convincing to turn that interest into a career. 

Jessy attended the Toledo Academy of Beauty in Oregon, Ohio. She put herself through school, and upon graduating, was immediately hired at a high-end salon to continue her training and further refine her craft. It was there she met and trained with Mary Anne Johnson. Their professional relationship and personal friendship blossomed. After several years of building an exemplary reputation and a solid clientele base, the two opened Willow Creek Salon. 

Jessy is blessed with a very supportive family--a loving husband and three beautiful children. Her interests outside the salon include family, physical fitness and travel. Her love of art, along with the mastery of her creative talents, are obvious in her approach to her work, as is her understanding and use of color and style.

Today, with nearly 15 years of experience, Jessy is truly a styling expert. She takes pride in ensuring her clients leave the salon looking their best. She also looks for opportunities to give back to her profession by actively mentoring Willow Creek Salon stylists and staff.

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Taylor's Work

Taylor Victor, co- founder and manager of Willow Creek Salon has been in the service industry her entire life.  She has always had the desire to own a salon and work with people she cares about.  In 2012 Taylor took on the administrative role for the re-opening of one of Sylvania's greatest salons, Willow Creek.  

In addition to her other roles at Willow Creek Salon, Taylor is an RYT-200 accredited through Yoga Alliance.  Her love for yoga began many years ago when she was facing health struggles.  She found strength and flexibility through yoga.  As she regained her health her appreciation for yoga heightened.  With her newly discovered love for yoga she was able to discover how strong her body and determination truly were.  Since she experienced yoga while she had physical limitations she understands the importance of a practiced catered to each body's individual needs.  Her mission is to support others into their own greatness. She is excited to share this practice with you, wherever you are in your own personal wellness journey!

Her work includes managing the administrate ends of an ever-growing business, education and acquisition for the retail store, creating a welcoming experience for clients using her desk team, and so much more!  

Taylor's passion lies in her desire for everyone in her life to realize their own unique greatness and beauty.